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uSwitch CS

WiFI/Ethernet Web Controlled Relays and I/O

Expandable 2 Channel WiFi IP Relay and I/O controller to manage, sense, automatically reboot, and control any device, anywhere, anytime over LAN/WAN from any iPhone, Android, PC, or MAC.

With new heights of functionality unique in the industry, the new uSwitch CS is all you need to control, monitor, reboot your devices, and now send event notifications by text or email. New features include a WiFi / ethernet access point, upgraded scheduling, and voltage monitoring.  Perfect for adding mobile connectivity, access control and monitoring locks, lights, pumps, alarms, valves, gates, and anything, anywhere. uSwitch CS supports a slew of multiple sensors including proximity, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. 

Plus, it is compatible with uSwitch Virtual Relays which allows the uSwitch CS to control hundreds of existing and new uSwitch/ uSwitch Pro relays over any existing LAN/WAN from single or multiple events.

uSwitch CS is technically advanced, yet simple to use, with no programming required. When coupled with the A-Plug adaptor, even a 12-year old can easily install it.

Features and Benefits

  • A-Plug Compatible
  • Built-in Web Server/ Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Built-in Ethernet Port
  • Text and Email Alerts
  • Scheduling
  • Logging
  • Full Encryption including TLS/HTTPS
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communications
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Relay/IO/Sensor Expansion Port
  • Up to 110/220V 5 Amp relay contacts
  • No programming required
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, PC and Mac 

uSwitch CS is accessed over a secure Wi-Fi network or from any wired or wireless network supporting the secure HTTPS protocol, over VPNs, or home, industrial, and business networks. It can run stand-alone, over the local network and through the cloud. It may also be accessed via custom third-party applications through its API. The possibilities are infinite.  What will you do with uSwitch CS?