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Easily Reboot Devices without Human Intervention

iPulse, a small easy-to-use patented device that connects to a network device, IP camera, router, or wireless/wired modem and monitors the output of the digital signal. If the signal is interrupted, the iPulse sends a command to restart the camera, eliminating the need for a manual reset.

Because processors in IP cameras can lock up, they must be reset. If this must be done manually, it may not be a simple task, especially when the camera is not easily accessible. iPulse easily connects to your IP cameras and monitors them continuously. If the camera fails, iPulse automatically ‘reboots’ the camera. iPulse lets you focus on the video while it watches the cameras.

Features and Benefits

    • Universal
    • Compact and easy to use, and simple to install
    • Connects directly to  any modem or device
    • No dedicated power source needed
    • Instantly detects failed transmission and reboots the devicezzz
  • Benefits:

    • Prevents disturbing a covert deployment
    • Eliminates the need for human intervention
    • Flexible and proven in many government applications
    • Peace of Mind


    • Any surveillance project
    • Covert security deployments
    • Border Protection
    • National Interest Protection, Dams, Monuments, Airports

    Additional information:

    • Made in the USA
    • Patented
    • FCC Compliant
    • Technology can be licensed for inclusion in any modem or peripheral