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No Need for Wiring or Splicing

Easily Snaps into any uSwitch

Convert uSwitch Relays to AC Power Outlets

The new A-Plug opens up new possibilities for easily connecting, controlling and monitoring all types of devices. A-Plug simply snaps right on to either uSwitch or uSwitchPro and converts relays to AC Power outlets. Just plug in any device, as easily as plugging into a wall outlet The new unit supplies input power and there is no need for wiring or splicing. A-Plug is the perfect accessory for uSwitch, uSwitchPro and your installations!

It is also an ideal solution for industrial, security and personal applications, uSwitchPro can be  deployed for IP cameras, kiosks, web signs, cellular routers, servers, DSL and cable modems, RTUs, control sensors, Smart Grid and much more.

uSwitchPro provides removable terminal connectors for simple wiring and two electromechanical relays that are rated up to 220 volts at 5 amps to turn on or control anything from anywhere through its built in web browser interface.

In addition to computers and iPads, uSwitchPro is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and any other smart devices providing remote control anywhere and anytime.