The Two Channel IP Relay that Reboots

Simple to use and with no programming required, uSwitch is an electromechanical relay with a built in web server and is perfect for industrial, security and personal applications. You can access uSwitch remotely which allows you the ability to control anything from anywhere over a network. You can securely turn anything on or off as well as open doors, gates and even start vehicles from any computer, iPhone or Android.

The Perfect Watchdog

In addition to controlling your devices, it’s very important to make sure your cameras, modems, routers, access points and other network devices don’t lock up in the field. uSwitch is also a very powerful watchdog device that can PING up to 3 different IP address per relay and if for any reason your networking equipment locks up, the unit automatically

What Will “U” Do with uSwitch?

Whether you are right next door or halfway across the world, YOU have control over any device on a network through any web browser.

uSwitch is perfect for manually controlling or resetting DVRs, camera equipment, routers and any other device, as well as powering down equipment to conserve battery life, manually controlling actuators for compartments and any other application where remote control is needed. From construction sites, summer homes, utilities and much more, you can monitor and control everything from opening and closing gates, turning lights on and off, temperature control and wherever else your imagination takes you.

Plus, uSwitch includes a timer function that is fully configurable through its on board web- based platform. Not at a computer? No problem. uSwitch is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and all other web based devices.

  • Energize two relays from the Internet or LAN
  • Secure and password protected
  • Up to 110/220V 5 Amp relay contacts
  • No programming required
  • Small, compact and easy to install

Avoid lockups and take control of your network devices in the field with uSwitch.

Features and Benefits

• No programming required! Control uSwitch using a standard web browser, or CGI
• Automatically reboots any modem or networking device that locks up without and human intervention or any additional software
• Control uSwitch via the Internet or a local intranet.
• uSwitch automatically builds a simple control web page
• Password protected
• Up to 15Amp and 2 relays up to 220V
• Small package, completely self-contained
• Removable terminal connectors for simple wiring (included)
• Includes built-in timer functions for time control
• Coupled with an iPulse, you’ll have the most reliable, fault tolerant solution available in the market.
• Control anything from anywhere
• Can be controlled from iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop or any web enabled device
• Can also act as an e-server for iPulse while giving you an additional web based relay

Save time, money and headaches with uSwitch. With the power of control at your fingertips, it’s like being right there!