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uSwitch Pro

User Customizable Ethernet GPIO Inputs with Control at the Push of any Button

All that uSwitch Does and More!

For those who want to “Stay Connected and Take Control” of anything anywhere including their network and IP devices, uhave control has the uSwitchPro™, an advanced version of its popular uSwitch™ 2 channel IP relay, which comes with a new design and adds user customizable GPIO inputs and the ability to activate other uSwitch IP relays locally or remotely on any network Control at the push of any button.

Simple to use, uSwitchPro automatically builds a control web page, is password protected and can operate stand alone or be controlled via the Internet or a local intranet. Users have the ability to control any device over the web including modems, lights, sirens, doors, gates and cameras.

The new uSwitchPro can drive up to sixteen other uSwitch relays across a network simultaneously from a single control, making it the perfect solution for instantaneous lockdown applications with multiple doors, alarms or lights in multiple buildings over a network.

An Auto Reboot Ping feature allows uSwitchPro to automatically detect failed equipment and reboot or restart them independently without human intervention (even when communication to uSwitchPro or the device has been lost). This feature saves users costly, time consuming manual reboots not to mention communication outages, longer down times, loss of remote control and security, liability, and worst case, the compromise of sensitive surveillance operations.

uSwitchPro opens up access control possibilities and with its ability to control other uSwitch relays remotely across any network, it is perfect for lockdown applications. Plus, with no need for a computer a simple push of a button provides total control.

It is also an ideal solution for industrial, security and personal applications, uSwitchPro can be  deployed for IP cameras, kiosks, web signs, cellular routers, servers, DSL and cable modems, RTUs, control sensors, Smart Grid and much more.

uSwitchPro provides removable terminal connectors for simple wiring and two electromechanical relays that are rated up to 220 volts at 5 amps to turn on or control anything from anywhere through its built in web browser interface.

In addition to computers and iPads, uSwitchPro is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and any other smart devices providing remote control anywhere and anytime.