uSwitch PoE

Eliminate Additional Power Supplies

The Powerful Watchdog Auto Negotiating PoE Switch with IP Relay that Keeps You Connected\

  • No need to manually reset devices on site
  • Simple installation
  • Compact size for even the smallest enclosure
  • Password Protected
  • Full control via web or LAN
  • Eliminates additional bulky power supplies

Whether you are right next door or halfway across the world, YOU are in control over anything on a network with your iPhone, Android or any computer with a web browser. Designed for the most critical operations, uSwitch PoE not only automatically reboots any network device when it locks up but also eliminates the need for additional power supplies for cameras, modems or servers!

Simple to use and with no programming required and with just one input power source, uSwitch PoE auto negotiates voltages from 48 volts down to 5 volts, providing 15.4 watts of power per port. For non PoE devices, uSwitch PoE provides a 12 VDC output. uSwitch also has an IP relay that automatically reboots or controls non PoE devices.

Not just a switch, not just a relay, uSwitch is a smart auto negotiating watchdog PoE switch and powerful IP relay that keeps you connected! Auto rebooting networking devices is the simplest way to keep the most critical operations on line.