Management Team

Glen Schaff
Founder, CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Glen has more than 25 years of systems architecture experience with degrees in Computers Systems Engineering and advance training in Business and Management from MIT’s Sloan business school. Glen received an appointment to the MIT Senior Research staff in the early 90s and at the same time helped design and develop the $2 billion digital video camera for NASA’s Chandra space camera. Prior to co-founding VideogeniX, Glen worked as a video design consultant for Intel, where he was directly responsible for the Compaq IPAQ PDA and the HP Jornada. He has consulted for GE, IBM, Digital Equipment Corp, Israeli Aircraft Industries, Cambex, MIT Center for Space Research and a variety of security companies in designing digital security cameras and network video security solutions. He is the author of several video security white papers, and holds multiple patents in the field of networking and IP Video. He has been a presenter at major International security shows and his inventions have been selected for the Best Security Products of the year competitions several times running at these major shows.

Mario Costa
Executive Vice President

Mario has a full range of talents ranging from business development to executive management, product development, strategic development, marketing and creating sales traction. Mario combines business expertise with entrepreneurial strength and a sense for innovation. Plus, he brings with him an equally impressive range of contacts throughout the globe. Ideal for the position, he has created strategic alliances and OEM relationships with major companies such as Tyco, Honeywell and Bosch, and successfully sold and implemented various solutions to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Mario drives VideogeniX’s forward progress with business savvy, creativity and a commitment to providing the highest quality services. Mario has also produced music for several TV shows, sitcoms and musical acts.

Richard Hahn
Vice President Marketing & Business Development Latin America

Richard Hahn has been involved in marketing and business development for over 25 years,  beginning in a New York City ad agency that specialized in the financial community and Wall Street firms. He has had a client base consisting of companies such as Honeywell, TYCO, Bosch, ADT and many smaller companies and start-ups. In addition, he has experience in the international markets including Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, having provided companies with business development, networking, marketing and public relations strategies and services.