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Control Anything, Anywhere, Anytime Over the Web or Network! With Automatic Reboot Features

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What happens when your network device locks up?!

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Higher Maintenance Costs - Lost Communications - Longer Down Times

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Loss of remote control and automation - Unnecessary liability

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Compromising of an investigation…jeopardizing law enforcement personnel

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The Solution ... iPulse® is an easy to install compact add-on that monitors the operating health of any transmission device.

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When devices lockup, iPulse® automatically resets all electronic components without any human intervention.

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iPulse PoE offers the same great features as iPulse, plus provides power over ethernet (PoE) to network devices.

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Keeping Networks Alive! - Made in the USA

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Your Single hot milfs Event Upset Solution

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Applications for:
Smart Grid Utilities
Law Enforcement
When Failure is not an Option

What do you do when your modem, nude celebrities router or camera out in the field has locked up? It’s a problem we all have faced. The only solution is to go out and reset it manually. Of course that’s not always easy when the network device is miles away or high up on a pole.


All network devices inevitably lock up. That’s a fact. Now there is a solution. iPulse® is a patented, compact add-on that monitors the transmission of any network device. When a device locks up, iPulse reboots it cartoon porn videos automatically without any human intervention.


What Makes iPulse Different?
There are other solutions but none comes close to iPulse. For instance, while there are soft reset functions within modems, they only work with simple communications and software failures. Most communication failures in the field porno gay that require a truck roll out are due to physical lock ups that will never come back online until a Hard Power Cycle reboot is done manually on site.


A Common Example
A very common example of this type of failure is seen in laptops and cellular phones. When they lock up, not even the power button will reset them. The only lesbian videos solution is to remove the battery to force a full hardware reboot. iPulse will always work under these conditions because it is physically rebooting your network device, not soft resetting it. This is the difference, and the value that iPulse brings.


Extra Features
iPulse also works in Timed mode allowing you to remotely set different time parameters based on specific usage requirements. You can also remotely reboot on demand if needed.


Return on Investment

iPulse is extremely economical and will pay for itself the very first time you have to send out a bucket truck. Your time is valuable too!


Don't risk the consequences of lost communication, high maintenance costs, long down times, loss of remote control and automation, or jeopardizing a covert investigation or the safety of your law enforcement personnel. Every modem, router and camera should have an iPulse!


Focusing on network reliability for security, power and networking industries in commercial and governmental markets


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