The Relay that Reboots

Full control over the web or network

Easily Reboot Devices

Without human intervention!

When You Need a Practical Solution for Your Connectivity

VideogeniX specializes in practical solutions for your network. Stay Connected…Take Control with our innovative solutions that allow you to control and reboot any device over the web including modems, lights, sirens, gates and cameras, whether you are right next door or around the world. Why do we need to reboot devices? Because the fact that network devices lock up is undisputed and today, we are more dependent on digital technology than ever before. A lock up describes the all too familiar condition when an electronic device is no longer remotely accessible and can’t be revived without human or machine intervention. Our products will reboot any network device automatically when it locks up or stops communicating, saving you time and money and drastically reducing your downtime. Videogenix is the leader in keeping you connected and in control in industrial, security and even personal applications.